Ugh, who would have thought that I would be suffering from so much acne in my 30s. I know… yuck. Honestly, some days I don’t want to leave the house. Other days, I avoid looking in the mirror and having my picture taken.


After giving birth to my son, things seemed to get worse. I’ve gone to numerous dermatologists and they all say and do the same thing; push me to take medications that I don’t want to take. The acne is probably hormonal, and taking birth control pills might help me out, but I decided years ago that I wouldn’t take hormone altering birth control pills for personal and health reasons, so for now I gotta find other solutions.

So I decided to try and figure it out on my own; taking a more holistic and natural route. The first option I tried was an elimination diet, because honestly I am feeling that the acne is a result of something I’m eating that I’m allergic to that’s making me break out. So I’ve mostly cut out diary besides those nights when my husband teases me with delicious ice cream or chocolate (I can’t resist a bite).

The next option is to detoxify my body. After seeing a holistic doctor he suggested I do a kidney cleanse. I’m currently on my second tea detox routine for 12 days. The doctor makes nasty tasting teas made from herbs, roots, greens, etc… After the first 12 day routine I lost 7 lbs., felt super energetic, and my mind was less “foggy.” So, I decided to give the routine another go.

Next step is working out 2-3 days a week (that’s really all the time I have right now). I’ve been boxing for almost 3 years now, including throughout my entire pregnancy. I enjoy boxing and love how it makes me feel. Boxing really helped me avoid gaining too much weight during my pregnancy (I only gained 18 lbs).

Last step is water (I know some of you will say that this should be the first step). I’m working on drinking more water, which has always been a huge challenge for me. I just hate running to the bathroom every 5 minutes, especially when I’m out with my son. It can be quite challenging; I know you moms understand.

I know clearing up my skin will require a lot of patience and time. if you have any tips for clearing your skin please share; what’s your skincare routine?


Trust Your “Dopeness”

Sometimes you just need to trust that what you’re doing is dope.

Last week I got to style a photo-shoot in this really cool studio with some awesome art. I couldn’t resist taking pictures. It’s been a few days now and I find myself staring at this pic.


Yes, I stare for the cool art, but really for how the pictures make me feel. That smile on my face says it all (yes, that awkward side smirk thing is something I do when I don’t know how to pose).

That day I felt like I was doing my job well, all the looks were coming together perfectly, which made me happy, and made my client happy. Stay tuned for pics. Sometimes you just need to trust that what you’re doing is dope.

Why I love Halloween

Honestly have you ever seen such a cuter ketchup packet?

Honestly have you ever seen such a cuter ketchup packet ?


Just last like last year, I am so hyped and excited. I really spent most of the day cheesing. The only difference was last year I cried my eyes out, tears of joy, because it was my son’s first Halloween. I know, corny right?!

Harrison’s First Halloween 

Listen, I grew up in a Haitian household where I was unable to celebrate Halloween. I spent most Halloween nights in my bedroom staring outside my window watching the kids walk around trick or treating. The worse part was when they rang the door bell, sometimes my parents would send me down to open the door, because I was the oldest of three, and hand out candy (smh yes torture I know). Other times my mom would open the door hand out candy, tell the kids how cute they looked in their costumes, and then tell us how horrible it was to celebrate Halloween.

My parents, and most people who grew up in the Caribbean, do not like to participate in Halloween festivities, mostly because of religious reasons and superstition. Some of them believe that Halloween is like devil worshipping. Even though I understand their logic behind it I choose to embrace the fun, creative, and festive side of Halloween.


So just like my college days I go out and find a silly costume and have a fun time with my best friend, my husband. This year he picked out a great theme for us.


PS: I spent $30 on our costumes on AMAZON.


Getting Things Done.

I never wanted to be one those moms that use their kid as an excuse to avoid pretty much everything; so I do my best not to be her. I might not respond to your phone calls, texts, emails, and social media comments as quickly as I used to but hey, I’m still getting back to you within a day.


Nowadays I use the park and my car as my office. When my son is fixated on a spinning thing and nothing seems to matter to him, I quickly reply to texts in those few seconds.

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After blowing off some energy at the park, my son enjoys long naps in the car, and then I can reply to emails or call clients.



I’ve learned that no one cares that you’re a busy mom, working woman, or both, they just want what they want, when they want it. Results.

Moms, let me know your tips on getting things done.




Welcome to my blog! I’m Nathalie; Entrepruener, Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper by day and mom to an amazing 1 year old named Harrison forever. You can usually spot me a mile away with my big curly hair and bright clothing. I also have two cats that I enjoy taking for.

Love is dope, that’s why I’ve been married to my best friend for 9 years. I fell in love with basketball when I was 6 years old, and still dream of becoming the first woman to play in the NBA. Now that you know a few things about me I hope you come back soon to find out more.