Dressing These Curves

Hey, I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a size 4-6 anymore. These days I’m more focused on how I feel, than what the scale says. No truly (seriously?)! I know most woman say this but don’t really mean it. Honestly, weight has always been a touchy subject for me. Growing up I was always the skinny girl. I hated when people told me I was skinny, especially when I did my best to put on weight.

Dress by London Times

Boooobsss … yes I said it; you can’t miss them when you see me coming.


If you’re anything like me, finding the right dress can be challenging. Do like I did in these pictures, go find you a flattering wrap dress. They look great on curvy woman and on other body shapes. Like I tell my clients, don’t be afraid of color! Find a wrap dress that matches your eye color or skin tone. When it comes to accessorizing, less is more. If you rock big hair like me, or long straight hair, simple stud earrings and a nondescript medium size clutch will do.


I’m a true Cancer so I dress according to my mood. A little tip I use to put me in the best mood before heading out; do your hair and makeup first, then get dressed. If you need to get dressed first to avoid getting makeup on your clothes, cover yourself up with a robe, then ditch it for the final reveal. This way you look much better when stepping into your dress. You’ve concealed all those dark circles, acne scars, and your hair is lying just like you want it (or close to how you want it at least). You’ll have less to nag about and your significant other will thank you for being on time.

Tears of Joy

Call me crybaby Nat. I find myself crying tears of joy at least a few times a week. I started crying today watching my son run around in a park, picking tomatoes from a planter.



He’s so innocent and scrumptious I wish I could keep him this small. Moms, do you find yourself getting emotional as often as I do? What makes you emotional?

Why I love Halloween

Honestly have you ever seen such a cuter ketchup packet?

Honestly have you ever seen such a cuter ketchup packet ?


Just last like last year, I am so hyped and excited. I really spent most of the day cheesing. The only difference was last year I cried my eyes out, tears of joy, because it was my son’s first Halloween. I know, corny right?!

Harrison’s First Halloween 

Listen, I grew up in a Haitian household where I was unable to celebrate Halloween. I spent most Halloween nights in my bedroom staring outside my window watching the kids walk around trick or treating. The worse part was when they rang the door bell, sometimes my parents would send me down to open the door, because I was the oldest of three, and hand out candy (smh yes torture I know). Other times my mom would open the door hand out candy, tell the kids how cute they looked in their costumes, and then tell us how horrible it was to celebrate Halloween.

My parents, and most people who grew up in the Caribbean, do not like to participate in Halloween festivities, mostly because of religious reasons and superstition. Some of them believe that Halloween is like devil worshipping. Even though I understand their logic behind it I choose to embrace the fun, creative, and festive side of Halloween.


So just like my college days I go out and find a silly costume and have a fun time with my best friend, my husband. This year he picked out a great theme for us.


PS: I spent $30 on our costumes on AMAZON.